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Tell me your story. I'm listening.

Tell me your story. I’m listening.

Do you have a great idea for a book? Have you started writing it only to get stuck along the way—you just can’t get the next chapter, the next page, the next word?  Or have you finished an entire draft but need it edited and polished before submitting it to a publisher?

Maybe you’re like a number of my clients who came to me after their book was written poorly by some other “writing service,” “vanity publisher,” or “freelancer.” I’ve heard a lot of those stories. Not every person masquerading as a ghostwriter knows what they’re doing. Few writers understand how to write in the voice of their client—how to listen to speech patterns, understand nuance and tap into a client’s persona so that the book reflects the client and not the ghostwriter.  Even fewer have the interviewing skills to truly understand what the client is actually saying, and nearly none of them are bestselling authors themselves.

Or perhaps you’re just not a writer (or you have other things to do) but you know your idea or story should be a book. Many would-be authors are simply too busy in their lives to complete their books.

If you’re like my other clients, one or more of these other obstacles could be hindering you as well:

  • You’re having trouble finding your story. You need someone to help you pull out what you want to say.
  • You have no idea how to navigate the publishing world — or where to track down a ghostwriter you can trust.
  • An agent or editor has told you that your book needs work before he can sell it.
  • You know your book needs help, but you’re worried that, in the wrong hands, your voice or ideas will get lost in translation.
  • You’ve been working on it for too long. You’re stuck and you know your book will die unless you get help.
  • Your book is okay, but you’re not satisfied with “okay.”

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