What is Ghostwriting?

Understanding ghostwriting.

Ghostwriting isn't as scary as it sounds.

So you’ve decided to turn your idea into a book.  But you don’t know how to do it or even where to start. You need help.  You’ve considered hiring a ghostwriter, but you are not really sure what a ghostwriter  is or does.  And what  ghostwriting services do you receive  for your money?

Ghostwriting is someone else writing a book on your behalf.  A ghostwriter writes the book for which you receive credit.  When you need help writing a book, a ghostwriter takes your idea and turn it into a story.  The ghostwriter is paid a flat rate for the book and signs over all rights to you.  In some cases, the ghostwriter may receive a small percentage of the profits.

The ghostwriting services you receive when you hire a book ghostwriter are simple and straightforward.  You supply the ghostwriter with the idea, genre, the audience you intend to reach and any information that you want included in the book.  The ghostwriter handles the research and produces the content of the book.  The ghostwriter keeps costs within budget and produces the book in the time frame that you require. Ghostwriting services also include proofreading, editing, and in some cases, publication.  Ghostwriters are often hired to write speeches, sermons, articles, copy for advertising, screenplays, e-books, sales letters, book proposals, op-eds, radio and TV commercials. Because of their experiences working with clients from different fields, ghostwriters tend to have knowledge of a range of topics.

You’d be surprised to find out who uses ghostwriters… Ghostwriting is an “open” secret throughout the publishing industry. Nearly all celebrity books that you see each year are written by “ghosts.” Internet Marketers use them just as often. Though you’d never know it! Most marketers don’t want to admit they didn’t write the product they are selling. And even if they do, they want to keep their Ghostwriter to themselves! This can make it very hard to find an experienced Ghostwriter you can rely on. The most successful marketers would never have the time to keep creating as many income streams as they do if they didn’t have ghostwriters.  –Mike Rasmusen

When you need help writing a book, hiring a ghostwriter is the best choice.  Being able to get your ideas out to the world without having to worry about the technical details of writing can save you time and money in the long-term. With your idea in book form, you can share it with others and gain not only the ability to earn ongoing income from it, but the fame, prestige and professional benefits of having published a book.  To learn more about what a professional ghostwriter can do for you, click here to receive a free, no-obligation consultation with Your Ghostwriter Online.

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