How I Help You


You’re a smart person. You hire professionals to build your house, to do your taxes and to fix your car. So you understand the value and importance of hiring a professional writer to complete your book.

When you need a professional, hire one.

Anyone can paint a room, right? Sometimes you need a professional.

Even a simple task like painting a room looks better when a professional does it. Sure, you might enjoy trudging to Home Depot, picking out colors, waiting for help, waiting on-line to buy the paint, hoping you calculated the right amount of paint to buy, hoping you bought the right rollers, brushes, drop cloths, tapes, and trays. You might even enjoy ruining a pair of jeans, shoes, a t-shirt and a few towels. But at least spending a day breathing fumes and getting paint in your hair might be fun… especially if you, your family and friends are the only ones who will ever see it.  On the other hand,  you could also hire a pro, who would happily paint your entire house while you’re at a picnic with family and friends.

You get my point.  Painting a room is easy. Writing a book is HARD.  Writing a book in your spare time sounds nice, but who has “spare time?” So, if you are serious about getting your book published, you’ve come to the right place.

I love writing. I love telling stories. And I love helping other people tell their stories. It is my gift, and I am happy to share it with you.

In addition, I also:

  • Bring in an outside editor to vet and fine-tune your proposal and/or book with a fresh set of eyes
  • Edit your book manuscript to make sure it is perfect before an agent, or publisher reads it
  • Advise you on the best way to publish your project and, if you choose to self-publish, help you publish for profit and avoid common snares
  • If you wish, connect you with an agent who specializes in your book’s genre

Let me help you reach your author goals, today.

If you want more reasons why you should consider me for your book project, click this link: Why Hire Me

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