Is Ghostwriting Common?

Many people have reservations when it comes to ghostwriters, but it is actually a fairly common thing.

50% of all books are written by ghostwriters.

50% of all books are written by ghostwriters. As many as 80% of non-fiction books are ghostwritten.

How common is it to hire a ghostwriter?

You may be surprised. In fact, although it’s hard to put an exact figure on the number of books that are ghostwritten for confidentiality reasons, literary agents estimate that up to 50% of the books you see for sale in your local bookstore were ghostwritten.  50%–of all books. But what’s even more surprising is that upwards of 80% of the non-fiction books that come out every year are ghostwritten. If you count the self-published books, that number climbs even higher.

Every day people come up with an idea for a book but cannot actually get the words on paper. Many businesses ghostwriters to produce workplace manuals and employee handbooks.  Politicians hire ghostwriters to craft their speeches and position papers and to articulate their views on complicated and controversial issues. Legal ghostwriters write briefs for court cases. Medical ghostwriters write textbooks, procedure books, and care pamphlets. Many professionals hire ghostwriters to write their memoirs, motivational books and ad copy. And even famous authors, such as James Patterson, admit to hiring ghostwriters to flesh out the characters and plots for his books because he is more of a big idea writer.

Why do people hire ghostwriters?

Writing is a very specialized profession. Although everyone learns to write in high school, not many get beyond the essay. Writing a book is an exercise in sustained thought, clear planning, creativity, and writing skill. These skills take years to develop and few people have the passion to learn them. The ability to keep a reader engaged over the length of a book is rare. Most people don’t like writing. Even those who’ve written great essays in school didn’t cherish having to do it. Most authors themselves admit to wanting more to “have written” a book than “to write” a book.

Another reason people hire ghostwriters is time. Writing a book takes time–lots of time. After a busy day at work, most people barely have time to spend alone or with their family; stealing away to find hours to write is a luxury of time many cannot afford.

Celebrities and other professionals hire ghostwriters to protect their reputation. How something gets written in a book can have as profound an effect as what gets written. The skill of a ghostwriter to craft a story for the purpose of the client’s image, message and brand is invaluable. In fact, one marketing executive has said that it would impossible for companies to produce the amount of information they do if it were not for ghostwriters.

As you consider hiring a ghostwriter, know that you are in the company of celebrities, CEO’s and great authors alike who all want their book to succeed. Each of these people understands the value of hiring a professional to craft their book because they know their book must compete with other books written by other professional writers. When it comes time to put your name on something that will likely outlive you, it is time to make sure it is the best it can be.

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