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YOUR GHOSTWRITER ONLINE specializes in book ghostwriting. That’s important because many ghostwriters you’ll find work mainly on advertising copy, articles, speeches, e-books, sales letters and other quick money, short-form projects. There’s nothing wrong with that, but there is a difference between writing a book and writing a sales letter. Holding an idea and communicating it through a coherent, interesting, and entertaining story over the course of a book requires a narrative storytelling skill—not just a “quick, buy it now” skill.

Your Ghostwriter Online T. R. LockeMy name is T.R. Locke. I am a published, bestselling author and screenwriter. I have collaborated with Hollywood celebrities– including Emmy-winning actors, Grammy-nominated singers, writers, producers, directors. I’ve also written for national political figures, mega-church pastors, first-time authors, college professors, professional athletes, journalists, business professionals and others with great stories and a passionate desire to tell them. I look forward to working with you, too.

If you have a story that’s worth telling, I want to help you bring it to print.   My diverse background gives me a natural understanding of many people and subjects and includes:

  • Published, Bestselling Author and Novelist
  • Literary Agent Represented Screenwriter
  • Writing articles for national magazines
  • Newspaper editing
  • Lecturing at Northwestern University Graduate School of Journalism, Chicago
  • Yahoo News Contributor
  • Graduate Studies in Creative Writing
  • B.A. in Cultural Anthropology, Philosophy, Bible/Religious Literature
  • Advocacy and inner-city work with Chicago street gangs
  • Expertise in cultural anthropology, cross-cultural communications, history, religion, church ministry and urban development
  • Advising Bush I Administration: Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Louis Sullivan
  • National student leadership-Washington D.C.
  • Contributing to a published anthology on Urban Development
  • Teaching undergraduates and college administration, advising, and counseling
  • Investing/Owning/constructing/managing commercial and residential real estate
  • Married 26 years
  • Proud father of two college honor students–both musicians and scholars–one an undergrad at USC and the other a graduate of UCLA
  • Political campaign work in local and national elections
  • Business owner, marketer, publisher, editor, athlete

I am constantly surprised at the connection I find with my clients that make our collaborations successful and fun. I hope you’ll click below to connect with me. Let’s get going on your new book!

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