How Writing a Book Made Dr. Oz

How Writing a book Made Dr. Oz

T Dr. Mehmet Oz with a book from his Bestselling series “YOU”

It is safe to say that Oprah Winfrey has been responsible for bringing more people to the national consciousness than any other person in history. But how does Oprah choose the people she promotes to wealth and fame? By reading their book. That’s how it worked for Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Thanks to his book, Healing from the Heart: A Leading Surgeon Combines Eastern and Western Traditions to create the Medicine of the Future, Dr. Oz is now one of the best-known doctors in the world.  He’s also a popular television host and author. Does that make him the best doctor? For many it does.

I doubt that you’re familiar with Dr. Oz’s first book, but it put him on Oprah’s radar. As part of the promotion for that book, Dr. Oz wrote dozens of articles for Esquire, Newsweek and the New England Journal of Medicine. These efforts led to Oprah’s producers inviting Dr. Oz on the show. The rest is history.

Dr. Oz has done hundreds of surgeries (performs 250 surgeries a year still) and even holds several patents on medical techniques, but none of these achievements gave him national attention the way writing his first book did.  How could such a busy surgeon have the time to write a book? Well, Dr. Oz wrote all of his books with the help of a co-writer/ghostwriter. (See my article on the difference between co-writers and ghostwriters here)  The YOU series of books alone consist of seven books written in five years–some published in the same year. Dr. Oz may be highly prolific, but in most cases a ghostwriter produced the books as well as the articles associated with them that bear Dr. Oz’s name. The great thing is that ghostwriters like myself are here to help you as well.

Dr. Oz is now one of the most influential medical doctors in the world. Although he could have contented himself with his successful practice, Dr. Oz felt he had something important to share with the world. Because he chose to say it in a book, the world now knows and respects Dr. Oz and he influences how many people live their daily lives.

Think about what writing  a book could do for your career. Did you know that by hiring a ghostwriter, you too can see get your book written faster and easier than you ever imagined? If you’re ready to start having a greater influence in the world like Dr. Oz and  many others (including the president himself) whose books have propelled their success, call me at 818-276-6597 or click here to take advantage of my free, no obligation consultation. Let’s get started on your book today.

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