5 Ways Hiring a Ghostwriter Helps You

Bestselling author James Patterson uses ghostwriters. Why not you?

Bestselling Author James Patterson uses Ghostwriters. Why can't you?

So you’ve finally decided to write that book?  The next question is are you going to write it yourself?  Odd question? Maybe not.  You may feel uneasy about getting help writing a book, but hiring a ghostwriter is fairly common.  About half of the books on the market today are written by ghostwriters. Why? Because the busy, successful professionals who understand the value of having a book don’t always have the time or ability to write one. For them it is much more economical and better for their reputation to hire a professional ghostwriter to write it for them.  But even well-known authors often use professional ghostwriters to write their ideas. One author in particular, James Patterson, uses a ghostwriter to flesh out his stories while he focuses on coming up with the big ideas of his books.

Here are five ways hiring a ghostwriter helps you:

  1. When you hire a ghostwriter, you are able to give your thoughts, ideas, and input on all aspects of the book without being bogged down in the details of how to communicate what you want to say–grammar, style, voice, readability and even research. The ghostwriter will be responsible for researching the topic and coming up with the storyline and flow of the book.
  2. Ghostwriters are familiar with many different styles of writing and can help you choose a target audience.
  3. Ghostwriters write for a living.  They are less likely to have spelling and grammatical mistakes, which means a better experience with your agent, publisher, and editor–i.e. a better chance for a higher advance or additional contracts for future books. Professional ghostwriters are trained to write compelling stories that make books more enjoyable for their audiences.
  4. You can decide on a budget and time frame and the ghostwriter is sure to stick to it. This means that you can be sure your book will actually get written instead of sitting in a file on your computer for years waiting for you to  finish (or to get the time).
  5. A professional  ghostwriter will have connections with publishing companies and people who may be interested in your book. If you decide to self-publish, a professional ghostwriter can guide you through that process and save you money.

Although it is common to be skeptical about putting you idea in the hands of others,  ghostwriters are professionals. Hiring a  professional ghostwriter assures your book will be of the highest quality and readability. When you’re ready to see what all a professional ghostwriter can do for you, take advantage of the free, no-obligation book/idea consultation (a $100 value) by clicking this sentence.

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