5 Things to Consider Before Writing Your Book

5 Things you need to know to write your book.

5 Things to Consider Before Writing Your Book

  1. Time– Writing a book will take a lot of time.  You have to be able to put time aside each day to work on the book and this may interfere with your everyday life. Do you have that kind of commitment, dedication and focus?
  2. Topic– When you write a book, it is important to choose a topic that people are willing to dip into their pocket for.   Your goal is to help someone solve a problem they have–not just vent your feelings. When it comes to reading, people are selfish. They want to read books that help them fix something wrong in their lives right now.
  3. Writing Skills– If you want to write a book that will get published, it helps to know how to write well.  Poor writing skills can kill even the best ideas. In addition to grammatical skills, you need to understand how to reach an audience through the written word. Flow. The way to stop a reader’s eye and help them to focus on the material so that they enjoy what they read.  You need knowledge of the elements of dramatic, persuasive or journalistic writing to write specific types of books. You need knowledge of screenplay and book manuscript submission formats (and in the case of screenplays, special software to write in the proper format) for professional submission and consideration.  If you lack these skills, hiring a professional ghostwriter to write the book for you is a very wise move to ensure your best chance at publication, production, and sales.
  4. Audience– Before you even begin your book, you need to decide what type of audience you want to target.  This will help you pick the genre, and decide what content to put in the book. Many self-published authors write for an audience that doesn’t usually read (they watch movies instead) or can’t afford to buy books and they are disappointed when their books don’t sell. Where can you reach your audience? Do you know how to write to entice them?
  5. Marketing– What do you know about selling books? Many authors mistakenly believe that old misquoted line from the movie Field of Dreams, “If you build it [write it], they will come [buy].”  No, in fact, they will not even notice it exists unless you develop a plan for marketing the book well before the book is available. Instead of misquoting movies, take a clue from how movies get marketed. Often the summer blockbusters are announced during the Christmas season if not earlier. Given the proliferation of books on the market, getting word out about your work is imperative. Having a marketing plan is a must, especially if you intend to approach a traditional publisher.

Before you write your book, consider a consultation with a professional ghostwriter.  All of the above elements are aspects a high quality ghostwriter can help you manage. A professional ghostwriter can write your book in as little as 3-4 months and with as little as one hour a week of your time. He has the skills to help you narrow your topic and focus what you want to say so that you hit your target audience.  And a professional ghostwriter can make sure that, while he is writing your book, you are doing the necessary marketing activities to make sure your book launches right.  At the very least, a ghostwriter can hold your hand through the process to help you stay on the right track. A free consultation such as offered here at Your Ghostwriter Online is the only wise choice for the serious would-be author.

Make yourself a checklist of the items above and throughout the writing process be sure to refer back to the list to make sure you complete each task. And click here to take advantage of the free, no-obligation book consultation.



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