5 Reasons Business Professionals Should Write a Book

Why Business Pros Should Hire a Writing Pro

Want to Get Noticed? Be Different!

Business pros understand the power of a book as a marketing tool.  Robert Kiyosaki certainly does. His book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad was rejected by dozens of traditional publishers before he decided to publish it himself and build a financial empire on top of it. Would you have ever heard of Robert Kiyosaki if he had not published his book? It’s very doubtful. Imagine what your results could be if you too became known as an expert in your field? What would it be like to have more clients seeking your services? How would you feel to be the person the media calls when they need an expert opinion?

Five Reasons Business Professionals Should Write a Book

  1. Writing a Book Makes You Stand Out From the Crowd Leading to Increased Business–  You are a client looking for a great insurance agent, financial planner, mortgage broker, lawyer, doctor, therapist, stock broker, pastor, personal trainer, etc. As you already know the choices are unlimited. How do you chose? How about the one you saw on TV last week discussing their new book?  Exactly. Or the one quoted in the article about investments? What if you are the one who “wrote the book on [your specialty here].”
  2. Personal Branding– A book can also deliver to your clients your personal philosophy so that your work with your client goes much more smoothly. A book is the sales brochure that is never thrown away. And if it is passed on to others, it can reach more potential clients.  What you offer your clients that is unique to your business is highlighted in a book and can give you name brand recognition in your field. The book, Buy-ology by Martin Lindstrom says that psychological studies reveal that consumers’ brains bestow near religious significance on brand names. Humans are, in effect, hard-wired to prefer brands. Nothing establishes a professional’s brand like a book.
  3. Expert Credentials-The author of a book gains expert status in his or her field. Writing a book instantly establishes the author as a respected professional with the news media, clients, and other professionals. The expert status pays off in many ways–greater trust, speaking engagements, free publicity and more money to name a few.
  4. Shortcuts Your Process and Speeds Your Business-One personal financial adviser found that getting his clients to agree to buy a particular insurance product he recommends became much easier.  “Prior to the book, it was very hard to sell and required a lot of explaining but because I covered the reasons in my book, my new clients now buy with no extra effort on my part.” Similarly you will find clients who’ve read your book already understand what they will get from you and how you work. Writing a book makes working with your clients easier and helps them understand and trust your process.
  5. Writing a Book is Easier Than Ever-Today’s professional can publish a book faster, cheaper and better than any time in the past. Forget about trying to get a traditional publishing house to give you a contract because unless you are already nationally known, it is unlikely. Besides, you would have to wait one and a half to two years after the contract to see your book. Instead, consider hiring a professional ghostwriter and self-publishing your book yourself. The ghostwriter will have the experience to make your story compelling, marketable and to help guide you through the publishing process–avoiding costly mistakes.

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