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How do you get your book written or published? You just found the answer–YOUR GHOSTWRITER ONLINE.  Whether you’re a first-time author with no knowledge of the publishing business, sentence structure, book markets, grammar, audience and even spelling, or a published author with more ideas than time, my goal is to get your book written.  If your goal is to publish with a traditional house such as Random, Barrett-Koehler, Penguin, InterVarsity, Simon and Schuster or Wiley, as a best-selling author, I can help you. Or if you prefer to self-publish for more profit or creative control, I’m here to help you reach that goal, too.

My name is T.R. Locke and I’ve written more than 25 books for major and independent publishers. As a best-selling and critically acclaimed author, I know what it takes to make your book compelling, entertaining, and powerful. I have written books and proposals for professors, motivational speakers, UN peace negotiators, pastors, athletes, celebrities, politicians, humanitarians, lawyers, doctors, brokers, and thought leaders from around the world. I’m happy to help you, too.

Check out the articles under the links at the right to help you better understand the ghostwriting process and benefits.  You can take advantage of my book consultation (Only $100) to help you find the right path for your book idea.  There’s absolutely no obligation on your part. I will spend up to one hour on the phone discussing your dream of being an author and how best to make that happen. We will go over: your book idea, your story, your best options for completing your project, my opinion of the market for your story and any other writing and publishing questions you may have.  Moreover, if you decide to work with me, the cost of this consultation will be credited towards your services.

For more information click here: Book Consultation or on the tab at the top of the page and email your contact information. Or, if you prefer, call me at 818-276-6597, and we can go from there.

If you’re serious about your book, let me help you make your book happen, now.

 I look forward to talking to you.

T.R. Locke

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